ESP8266 ESP-201 Full Evaluation Board

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ESP8266 ESP-201 Full Evaluation Board
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ESP8266 ESP-201 Full Evaluation Board  cena 15$

Product Details:
Wireless Wifi Module
ESP8266 minimum system
Could use GPIO 9 way, AD, PWM, TIMER, 2 way UART, SPI, I2C, Watchdog
RAM Size: in Station mode, after connect the router, about 35k
ROM Size: no ROM, user programs in Spi Flash
High-speed CPU frequency (default 80 MHZ, up to 160 m)

Płytka zawiera najnowszy model ESP8266 ESP-201.



The switch controls are as follows:

R – RGB LED Red to pin ‘IO15′ (must be on to boot to application mode)
G – RGB LED Green to pin ‘IO13′
B – RGB LED Blue to pin ‘IO12′
W – White LED to pin ‘IO14′
J – Relay coil to pin ‘IO16′
B – Buzzer to pin ‘IO5′
K1 – GND to pin ‘IO15′ (same as Red RGB LED – holding ON while powering is same as R off i.e. will not enter application mode)
K2 – GND to pin ‘IO0′ (Same as S2 – switch ON when powering to enter reprogramming mode)
S2 – GND to pin ‘IO0′
S3 – GND to pin ‘IO2′
For the board to boot correctly into application mode, it looks like the DIP switch ‘R’ has to be On, which pulls pin IO15 high. To enter reprogramming mode to reflash the ESP, K2 must be On or switch S2 can be pushed.

By default (at least in the firmware that came with the board and the latest NodeMCU firmware) most of the pins are configured as inputs, which causes them to float or be pulled high and so with the DIP switches ON the RGB LED elements are all lit, the white LED will light, and the Relay and green indicator will be on. IO5 does not have this behaviour so the buzzer is off by default.

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Odp: ESP8266 ESP-201 Full Evaluation Board
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