Aplikacje Android dla VERA

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Aplikacje Android dla VERA
« dnia: Lipiec 14, 2016, 01:34:33 pm »
Witam :)

Proponuje w tym Temacie wrzucać linki z opisem i spostrzeżeniami na temat różnych Aplikacji pod Android`a dla Central Vera.

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Odp: Aplikacje Android dla VERA
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Aplikacja, której niema na sklepie PLAY bo nie jest już rozwijana przez @garrettwp i nie wspiera nowego IU7 ,ale działa co ma działać i jest całkiem sympatyczna dla oka ,więc postanowiłem ją przetłumaczyć na nasz język :)
PS to moja pierwsze tłumaczenie apki więc proszę o wyrozumiałość ,na "codzień" robię tłumaczenia E2 ,kto w temacie to powinien mnie kojarzyć z for DVB.

AuthomationHD_3.3.1.4_PL :
> > > http://host1gb.net.pl/download.php?file=d5a2d5696c18f0980e49b2bbf56f4dd0

Updated 2014/07/17

Fixed: MMS Authentication bug fixes.
Fixed: Voice Recognition bug fixes.
Fixed: Code clean up.

Updated 2014/07/05

Feature: Added "Keep Screen On" option.
Fixed: MMS server addresses.

Updated 2014/05/25

Fixed: Unix time stamp conversion.
Fixed: Force connection check on app start.
Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

Updated 2014/04/19

Feature: Added On / Off Status for Sonos and DLNA Devices.
Feature: Added Radio Thermostat support.
Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

Updated 2014/04/16

Feature: Added cover art / song info for Squeezebox, Sonos, and DLNA card view.
Feature: Added the ability to put Vera into include / exclude mode.
Feature: Add card views for Window Covering, Google Calendar and PLEG.
Feature: Added energy mode to HVAC device dialog.
Fixed: Sonos repeat and shuffle buttons.
Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

Updated 2014/03/20

Fixed: Made a few minor changes to Voice Recognition to improve accuracy.
Fixed: Crash for Voice Recognition when speaking a command.

Updated 2014/03/19

Feature: Card View for Sonos, Squeezebox, DLNA, Russound, Combination Switch, and Day and Night plugins.
Feature: MutliSwitch Card View support.
Feature: Overhauled UI icons.
Feature: Many UI tweaks.
Fixed: Sonos fixes (still an issue with repeat button function).
Fixed: Various bug fixes and tweaks.

Updated 2014/02/28

Feature: MultiSwitch label support.
Feature: MutliSwitch Card View support.
Fixed: Voice Recognition HotWord detection beep issues.
Fixed: various bug fixes and tweaks.

Feature: Support for UI6 / MMS Authentication (still need to add Auto Configuration Option).
Feature: Ability to send log data via email. Located in Settings -> Development Settings -> Send Log Data
Feature: MultiSwitch Plugin Support.
Feature: Virtual Motion Sensor Plugin Support.
Feature: MultiSwitch custom intent support (Shortcut / Tasker).
Fixed: various bug fixes and tweaks.

For remote access. If you already have your Vera with UI6 added into the app, you'll need to go into Manage Veras -> Edit Vera:
Enter username
Enter password
Select MMS

To add a new Vera with UI6. Go to Manage Veras -> Add Vera. Follow the on screen tutorial.

There may be a possibility that any home screen shortcuts will stop working. This looks like some sort of Android bug due to changing the version number.

Updated 2014/01/27

Fixed: Bug where app would crash on trying to load vera connection data in GetDataService. This would also happen if auto refresh was not enabled.

Updated 2014/01/23

Feature: Added option for user to submit Vera data from app via email. Located in Settings -> Development Settings -> Send Vera Data.
Fixed: Updated Nest plugin support to accommodate current Nest plugin changes.
Fixed: Minor bug fixes.
Fixed: Cleaned up code.

Updated: 2014/01/06

Feature: New crash reporting tool. Will now prompt to email log output as well as option to include vera data. Can be disabled.
Feature: Added Discrete Power, Toggle Power and HA Device Toggle to custom intent / Tasker / Home screen shortcut.
Feature: Moved auto connection switching option into individual Vera connection details. This can be enabled / disabled by editing the vera connection details under "Manage Veras". This will need to be re-enabled if you had this set in the settings section.
Fixed: Voice recognition accuracy. (I was accidentally comparing the escaped names to the the vera database to find the correct match)
Fixed: Voice recognition crashing for some users. (Due to special characters in names)
Fixed: Greatly enhanced the auto connection switching speed. It should now only take a few seconds to figure out which connection to use.
Fixed: Small bug fixes and UI tweaks.

Updated: 2013/12/27

Feature: Using new library for Card View (Experimental).
Feature: Using new library for pull to refresh (Simulates Gmail pull to refresh).
Feature: Add card view support for the following devices / plugins: Scenes, Variable Container, Weather, Alarm Panel, ISY Controller, Energy Meter.
Feature: Added support for the PowerArithmetic plugin.
Feature: Added backup / restore option (Experimental and needs thorough testing).
Fixed: Issue where app settings would be cleared (hopefully fixed).
Fixed: Updated code to enhance switching between local and remote connections.
Fixed: When sending a command and on local connection, if the command fails to send via local connection, it will try and send via remote servers. This should help with auto connection switching issues. E.g. Tasker firing a task before connection can fully switch over to new connection.
Fixed: Minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Updated: 2013/12/11

Fixed: The ability to toggle repeat and shuffle for Squeezebox, Sonos, and DLNA Media plugin.
Fixed: Some Russound bugs and cleaned up the UI.
Feature: Added support for WifiRTS device (window covering).
Fixed: Switched the ISY fanlinc to use 0-100 values for fan speed. (Per changes in the ISY plugin)
Fixed: Other minor issues / bugs.

Updated: 2013/12/01

Feature: Hotword voice detection (experimental) See below
Feature: DLNA Plugin support (needs testing)
Feature: Russound Plugin support (needs testing)
Feature: Variable container intent support (plus Tasker and Homescreen support) See below
Feature: Notifications instead of toast message for Sending command failure / success
Feature: Bluetooth data connection support
Feature: AV Input service intent. See below
Fixed: Sonos plugin support
Fixed: MiLight plugin support
Fixed: Send command retry bugs
Fixed: Minor bugs and UI

Voice Recognition Hotword detection:

You can enable this in the "Voice Recognition" settings. This is a very experimental feature and has only been tested on a very limited set of devices. Use at your own risk. When enabled, you can say "OK Vera" and it will activate the voice recognition portion of the app. This will only work while inside of the app.

Variable Container intent:

Set variable name:

Where veraid is your vera unit id, deviceid is the variable container id, 1 is the variable to change and newname is the name you want to use.

Set Variable Value:

Where veraid is your vera unit id, deviceid is the variable container id, 1 is the variable to change and newvalue is the value you want to use.

AV Input Selection:

Set av input to 1:

Where veraid is your vera unit id, deviceid is the av device id, 1 is the input to change to.

Updated: 2013/11/08

Feature: Re-worked Voice Recognition backend, it now uses fuzzy logic using the frej library and will allow for support in other languages (I hope).
Feature: Re-worked the backend that retrieves the vera data. When using the auto refresh option it will now maintain a connection with Vera and will update as new data happens. Almost real time update.
Feature: Re-worked the components that send commands to vera, this runs in the background as well as the custom intent service and will allow your commands to be sent simultaneously. It will also try and resend the command if it fails.
Feature: Added Categories section. You can now show your devices by category.
Feature: Ability to use custom icons when creating Device / Scene Home Screen shortcuts.
Feature: You can sort by Room when in Categories or Favorites section.
Feature: Re-worked the auto connection switching code. Hopefully it performs better.
Feature: Connection status indicator at the lower left corner of the screen. Cloud = Remote, Home = Local, Triangle with exclamation point = connection issues, Octagon with exclamation point = not connected.
Feature: Added support for MiLight White, RGB, and RGBW lights.
Feature: Added support for Philips Hue Bulbs (still working on UI e.g. tile view).
Feature: Experimental card view (like google now). Only works well in phone layout. Running into some road blocks.
Feature: Lots of minor UI tweaks.
Feature: Lots of bug fixes, hopefully with the many changes I did not create more!

The list is incomplete and will be updated as I remember more changes I have done.

- Garrett
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Odp: Aplikacje Android dla VERA
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dzięki wielkie

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Odp: Aplikacje Android dla VERA
« Odpowiedź #3 dnia: Marzec 16, 2017, 04:08:11 pm »
nie jestem autorem :P ale widzę, że umknęła tu aplikacja Imperihome
sądząc po innych wątkach  często używana z Fibaro


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Odp: Aplikacje Android dla VERA
« Odpowiedź #4 dnia: Marzec 16, 2017, 07:47:53 pm »
Może rzeczywiście warto rozruszać ten temat.

ImperiHome to najlepsza aplikacja do współpracy nie tylko z Vera. Używam jej na tabletach na ścianach i w telefonie. Niestety jej support zrobił się dość mizerny. W zasadzie jedyna aktywność autorów jest na Google+ wersji beta: https://plus.google.com/u/0/s/imperihome%20beta/top
Nie ma niestety widgetów na ekran Androida i IMHO gorsze wsparcie wtyczkami w Taskerze.
Edit: są widgety, ale tylko do scen i wybierania głosowego. Nie można uruchamiać bezpośrednio urządzeń.

AuthomationHD to druga aplikacja na Androida, której najczęściej używałem, z widgetami i wsparciem w Taskerze. Doskonale działała z tagami NFC. Niestety nie jest już rozwijana i często sprawia kłopoty (błędy odpowiedzi json).

Trzecia najczęściej używana przeze mnie aplikacja to Grasshopper dla Windows, ale to już poza tematem:

Na Androida jeszcze warto wspomnieć o "fabrycznej" aplikacji Vera Mobile. Nie używam jej ze względu na słaby interface, tak "przyjazny" jak ich aplikacja WWW  >:(.

Doskonale sprawdza się natomiast mobilna wersja alternatywnego interface WWW - Altui:

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